For our last errand, Mochi and I went to West Hollywood to record a Joybomb podcast with Sister Indica.  This was my FIFTH time as a guest on Joybomb, and the final time in LA, since Indica is moving back to San Diego.  *SOB*

Still following the LA Metro Bike Map, I took Fountain Ave most of the way there.  Sharrows are not the magical protection that someone seems to believe them to be.  Fountain is heavily travelled by cars and with 35MPH posted speed limits.  For the ride home, I decided to just take random streets – and was much happier for it.  I found a few streets with sharrows that weren’t shown on the map, but that were lower traffic and lower speeds, much more comfortable.  Mochi is happy just to have the wind whistling through his fur & his ears flying in the breeze.


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