First I went to the bank to deposit my paycheck.  For the past year, I’d looked up at these cylinders and wondered.  They finally repaired the neon tubing and I found out it’s an art installation that lights up depending on the pedestrians underneath.

Next up, since it was so damn hot (my sympathies to everyone doing the Errandonnee in snow), I thought I’d make a big loop and go to Peddler’s Creamery on Main Street.  Especially convenient since Main is the street with a bike lane headed North.


When I got there, I found a note “Back in 15 min.  Thanks.”  (Side note to businesses: if you’re going to do this, time stamp it.)  My heart set on some small batch ice cream, churned by bicycle power, I decided to wait.  Depositing my paycheck had really just been an excuse to reward myself.  And I waited.  And waited.  At least 8 other people stopped by & were turned away.  The timing couldn’t have been worse to close up on a hot, sunny day.  Too hot for me to stand there anymore, I gave up.


On to Walgreens!  Now I was really hot & thought I’d pick up an It’s It before heading home.  The It’s It was the snack of choice on our Bike Tour from Portland to San Francisco a few years ago.  FOILED AGAIN!  They were out.  Fine, I decided to get a paleta instead.  Limon, Pacana…meh, Fresa…okay, not my favorite, what no Mango or Coco?!  Why does the universe hate me?!  Then I saw them.  Two Cocos hidden behind some Pacana.  #sorrynotsorry to the person who hid them there, but I just ran errands by bike – MINE NOW!


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