Working half-day on Friday meant I had time to head over to the Fashion District for some veil shopping.  Shop after shop of fabrics, trims and sequins at wholesale prices.  It’s hard to resist going there more often, especially since the selections are ever-changing.  The Errandonnee has made me look at how much I’ve backed off riding my bike.  In Portland I would take my bike everywhere.  In LA I’ve gotten used to walking or taking transit, just because it’s not as bike friendly.  BUT I LOVE RIDING MY BIKE!  So I wanted to find some fabrics similar to the veils I wear regularly as a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence, but shorter lengths.  I was also looking for Dritz reflective piping.  I had some at home, so in a flash of inspiration, I added it to the hem of one of my petticoats.  There’s more hem than I had piping for though, so I needed another packet.  (I ended up ordering it online because nobody carried it or they were sold out.) 

I also went to Moskatel’s, the craft store, which meant biking through Skid Row on the way home.  The first time I wound up there, after taking a wrong turn on a walk, I was a little freaked out.  I had never seen anything like it.  Now I know where the boundaries of Skid Row are, so it doesn’t take me by surprise.  And through a childhood connection between Sister Mendusa Love Forbid and the founder of The Burrito Project, I’ve started going once a month to hand out food, water & necessities.


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