For Errand 4 I went to 515 S. Flower Street to meet with my employer’s financial adviser.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover there’s Bike Share in the lobby for building employees.  Given that everyone I saw was wearing a suit, I’m curious if they get much use.  There are supposedly several Bike Shares in the works around LA and I’m all for anything that gets more bikes on the road.  I didn’t realize it was 1.76 miles round trip to Flower.  I’ve gotten so used to walking around DTLA, I guess I walk further than I think.  Like with biking, distance is all relative and the point at which you finally think, “that’s a LONG trip” is flexible.


Errand #5 was a stop at the Redbox to pick up a movie.  I hadn’t seen Mockingjay yet, so I decided to pick it up.  THERE’S A BIKE RACK AT RALPH’S!  There are few & far between bike racks in DTLA.  Once again, I was spoiled by all the staples and racks available in Portland.  I think I’d weep for joy and then faint if I saw an on-street corral here.  It’s 2.34 miles to the store & back – I need to bike there more often!


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